Why we need PIMOCA: Since 2008 the number of arts non-profits in the Philadelphia region has tripled, which philanthropists have been challenged to maintain. Many regional needs and solutions overlap.  We can apply common sense collaborative technology and build physical space that empowers philanthropists and sustains existing entities. PIMOCA is designed to be self-sustaining and interactive.  PIMOCA stands forPhiladelphia Interactive Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • Stage One is to build ourselves online, register and unify the living arts, by enabling them to be viewed or purchased and bundled conveniently. On June 18th we will open an online registration system to the public to help local artists, chefs, musicians, dancers, actors, collectors, and arts patrons and enthusiasts all INTERACT.
  • Stage Two will be allocation of a physical site to house PIMOCA, and continued integration of  regional (digitally active) commercial arts resources.
  • Stage three will be development of the property and integration of Philadelphia’s physical arts resources. The commerce that transacts through PIMOCA’s digital and physical  interactivity is what will generate the operating budget for the museum, making it self-sustaining.


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