What We Need & What You Get

  • PIMOCA: is an entirely self sustaining business model so once the initial funds for the campus have been raised we generate our own operating budget annually through all of the action on campus. (Conversation drives Commerce!)
  • I is for Interactive. This means we don’t have to invent the wheel. We have letters of intent from many major local art organizations saying they will all participate in PIMOCA financially and physically. We just are uniting the resources to create a centralized community space for them to INTERACT.
  • $360,000 breaks down to 120k per year for three years create PIMOCA digitally, allow us to apply for grants, do community studies, and to pursue a physical space, like the Divine Lorraine.
    • Philly gets: JOBS, a more stable and sustainable future for the Local Arts Market, Avenue of the Arts North on Broad Street, Local and International Art Shows, a better outlook for its 6th most violent neighborhood without just “gentrifying” it, an instant TRIPLING of the Museum Mile making it the Museum Triangle, and an amazing opportunity to return arts education to the local elementary and high schools.

 Ways You Can Help

  • Even a donation of one dollar can make a big difference to our campaign! PIMOCA is a unique museum built by the people it will serve daily. Donate what you can in honor of an artist you know! 
  • Don’t have bucks to donate? Sign our petition to declare Eminent Domain on the Divine Lorraine for use as PIMOCA! Go to and Search keyword: PIMOCA …. SIGN and SHARE, it takes 30 seconds. You can also send a nice, free, letter to the current owner of The Divine Lorraine, Eric Blumenfeld, thanking him for his family’s past developments here in Philadelphia and encouraging him to continue to leave his legacy by selling us the Divine Lorraine so the community can build PIMOCA.  He can be reached at

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